This last weekend we spent the whole weekend together developing games at the Luxembourg Global Game Jam 2016 event.

Spending 48H developing games with your friends is a really great way of spending your time.
And it is even better when you are surrounded with 50 other people that are also passionate about creating video games.

The event took place at the Technoport which is a great venue, you really should stop by if you have the chance to do so.

If you are interested in taking a look at the games that resulted from the event, or event play them, you can find the games at the Luxembourg Global Game Jam 2016 Site.

And our entry: Xaman Princess

If you are passionate about video games, want to learn to make/design your own games, meet new people and have fun, you really should give this kind of event a try! I cannot recommend it enough...

To finish I would just like to thank Extra Coin and the Technoport team for their great work!

And of course here are some photos of the venue, our team, our presentation and our game. :)