New Equipment: Turret, with a laser gun.

The Turret is a rotating laser gun.
In the image you can see it in action with the auto aiming feature enabled.
The Turret detects hazards, targets the closest one, and shoots.

The white line is only for us to visualize the turret rotation because we don't have any model for the moment.

When the auto aiming system is enabled the Turret will determine the position and direction of the hazard, and taking into account the speed of the bullet it will then determine where to shoot to hit the hazard (as explained on Gamasutra). If you disable auto-aim then the turret will simply target the mouse position.

For the moment, we imagine the Turret as a support weapon to add extra firepower in a dog fight or as a defense system against missiles.

We also want to allow the player to be able to define the behavior of the Turrets: Priority target, target only missiles, ...